How it Works?

We plant and nurture trees with care, cultivating their growth and selling the produce.
You, in turn, reap the returns.

Get Involved as an Investor

Begin your investment journey by choosing the desired number of trees to invest in. As a new investor, you will receive a comprehensive contract that guarantees your entitlement to a share in the profits generated from the plantation.

Follow progress

Sit back and monitor your investment’s progress. Our proficient team of Agri Specialists takes charge of every facet of orchard care, diligently managing the entire journey from planting to harvesting, and effectively navigating the supply chain for selling.

Harvest the Returns

Collect profits from crop sales after produce is harvested and sold.

Earn Passive Income

Create a long-term passive income that will allow you to invest your time where it matters the most.

Treesury Tree Pricing


Early Bird Price *


Regular Price

Minimum Guaranteed Price for Subsequent Issues **


Year 1


Year 2


Year 3


Year 4 & Onwards

* The regular price of a Treesury Tree is €139. However, early investors can take advantage of privileged pricing. The privileged price for the first 22,500 Treesury Trees or the first 2 months, whichever milestone is reached first, in the first year is €110 (Early Bird Price). After that, the privileged price for Year 1 is €107.

** For subsequent years, the guaranteed minimum prices at which Treesury will issue new tokens are as follows: Year 2: €123, Year 3: €135, and Year 4: €139. These guaranteed prices may only be reduced for limited early bird offerings. Please note that Treesury reserves the right to discontinue offering privileged prices at any time. The privileged price for early investors presents an attractive opportunity for potential capital gains, considering the projected increase in Treesury Tree price over time.

Investment Planner

By choosing the desired number of Treesury Trees or entering the total investment amount in our investment calculator, you can calculate the potential return and quantify the positive impact your investment is going to generate. You have the option to input the values manually, or use the slider.

calc image
You are offsetting carbon emissions equivalent to: :
  • Driving a passenger car for 871 miles
  • Taking a round-trip flight from New York to Los Angeles
  • Heating a typical US home for approximately 17 days
Show my offsets

Enter your desired number of Treesury Trees

Enter your desired investment amount


Total Acquired Trees

Obtained Bonus Amount

Effective Price per Tree


Average Annual Yield (40 years)

Total Investment Return (40 yrs)

Payback Period

Carbon Credits

Total CO2 Captured (40 yrs)

Average Annual CO2 Captured